A higher ctDNA fraction decreases survival in regorafenib-treated metastatic colorectal cancer patients

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The predictive effect of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in colorectal cancer (CRC) treatment is still highly discussed. The primary objective of this study was to investigate a possible prognostic/predictive value of ctDNA under regorafenib treatment. This prospective multicenter translational biomarker phase II pilot study enrolled 30 metastatic CRC patients (67% men, 33% women) treated with regorafenib. ctDNA was assessed in plasma before treatment start and at defined time points during administration. Measurement of tumor fraction as well as mutation and copy number analysis of CRC driver genes were performed by next generation sequencing approaches. Multivariate analyses for survival and treatment efficacy were adjusted to age, gender and ECOG. Disease control rate was 30%. Median tumor fraction at baseline was 18.5% (0-49.9). Mutations in CRC driver genes or genes involved in angiogenesis were identified in 25 patients (83.3%). KRAS mutations were detected in 13 out of 14 KRAS positive tumors, in three patients without KRAS mutation in the respective tumor acquired mutations as ... (Show More)

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Shallow whole-genome sequencing (sWGS) data for the identification of somatic copy number alterations (SCNA) and the estimation of tumor fractions in plasma DNA of metastatic colorectal cancer patients (mCRC).
Illumina MiSeq,NextSeq 550 45
Modified Fast Aneuploidy Screening Test-Sequencing System (mFAST-SeqS) was applied to stratify samples based on their overall tumor fraction in cfDNA.
Illumina MiSeq 59
All baseline samples and when available EOT were processed for high-resolution mutation analysis. We designed a SureSelectXT-HS custom panel (Agilent) covering 68 genes with a total size of 260kb using the Agilent SureDesign platform.
NextSeq 550 44

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