A reference map of potential determinants for the human serum metabolome

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The collection of metabolites circulating in the human blood, termed the serum metabolome, contains a plethora of biomarkers and causative agents. Although the origin of specific compounds is known, we have a poor understanding of the key determinants of most metabolites. Here, we measured the levels of 1251 circulating metabolites in serum samples from a healthy human cohort of 491 individuals, and devised machine learning algorithms to predict their levels in held-out subjects based on a comprehensive profile consisting of host genetics, gut microbiome, clinical parameters, diet, lifestyle, anthropometric measurements and medication data. Notably, we obtained statistically significant predictions for over 76% of the profiled metabolites. Despite using the strict out-of-sample prediction metric, which is a lower bound for the explained variance, diet and microbiome each explained hundreds of metabolites, with over 50% of the variance explained in some metabolites. We further validated the robustness of the microbiome related associations by showing a high replication rate in two ... (Show More)

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Raw untargeted metabolomics profiled by Metabolon Inc. for 540 samples from healthy individuals. Files include sample names and run details which can be matched to their metagenomic sequencing samples from PRJEB11532 and PRJEB17643. Information regarding metabolite metadata is also available, including
Phenotypic data for 475 human samples, including: Demographics Anthropometrics Diet data Clinical data Time of day Season in which serum sample was taken

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