Transcriptomic intra-tumor heterogeneity of colorectal cancer varies depending on tumor location within the colorectum

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Background; Intra-tumor heterogeneity (ITH) of colorectal cancer (CRC) complicates molecular tumor classification, such as transcriptional subtyping. Differences in cellular states, biopsy cell composition, and tumor microenvironment may all lead to ITH. Here we analyze ITH at the transcriptomic and proteomic levels to ascertain whether subtype discordance between multiregional biopsies reflects relevant biological ITH or lack of classifier robustness. Further, we study the impact of tumor location on ITH.MethodsMultiregional biopsies from stage II and III CRC tumors were analyzed by RNA sequencing (41 biopsies, 14 tumors) and multiplex immune protein analysis (89 biopsies, 29 tumors). CRC subtyping were performed using consensus molecular subtypes (CMS), CRC intrinsic subtypes (CRIS), and TUMOR types. ITH-scores and network maps were defined to determine the origin of heterogeneity. A validation cohort was used with one biopsy per tumor (162 tumors).ResultsOverall, inter-tumor transcriptional variation exceeded ITH, and subtyping calls were frequently concordant between ... (Show More)

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RNA sequencing of a total of 41 tumor biopsies taken from a total of 14 patients with colorectal cancer. Ribosomal RNA was removed using the Ribo-Zero Gold rRNA Removal Kit (Illumina, CA, USA) and Paired-end sequencing were performed using ScriptSeq v2 RNA-seq Library preparation Kit (Illumina). Data processing of the paired raw sequence reads was performed using TopHat2, with mapping to the human reference genome HG19. Forty-one BAM files with reads mapping the the human reference genome ... (Show More)
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