Illumina RNA sequencing for HLA expression qauntification

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EGAS00001004931 Other

Study Description

In this study, we quantified mRNA expression levels of HLA class I and II genes from peripheral blood samples of 50 healthy individuals. The gene- and allele-specific mRNA expression was assessed using unique molecular identifiers, which enabled PCR bias removal and calculation of the number of original mRNA transcripts. We identified differences in mRNA expression between different HLA genes and alleles. Our results suggest that HLA alleles are differentially expressed and these differences in expression levels are quantifiable using RNA sequencing technology.

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The dataset contains 200 fastq files of Illumina 5'end RNA sequencing data of 50 PBMC samples. The paired-end data includes 100 fastq files (R1 and R2) of 50 full-length cDNA sequencing libraries and 100 fastq files (R1 and R2) of 50 HLA amplicon sequencing libraries.
NextSeq 550 100

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