Test Study for EGA using data from 1000 Genomes Project - Phase 3

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EGAS00001005042 Whole Genome Sequencing

Study Description

This is a test study for EGA using data from 1000 Genomes Project - Phase 3, specifically created to add more diversity to the existing dataset EGAD00001003338. This Test Study should not be confused with the real study of 1000 Genomes Project - Phase 3

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This is a test dataset derived from public data of the 1000 Genomes Project. Its purpose is not to allow for any inference about cohort data or results, but to aid bioinformaticians in the technical development and testing of tools, as well as data consumers in learning how to access information. This dataset consists of 2508 samples from the 1000 Genomes Project ( Samples' (e.g. NA18534) data can be accessed through the IGSR portal (e.g. ... (Show More)
AB SOLiD 4 System 2508

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