Molecular characteristics in Burkitt lymphoma over age groups

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Treatment optimization has improved the overall survival in Burkitt lymphoma (BL) patients but there are still relevant outcome differences between pediatric and adult patients. In both age groups survival remains poor for patients who suffer relapse. Therefore, new treatment approaches are warranted to improve survival. Thus, we conducted a comparative study in the largest pediatric cohort to date including 191 cases and 97 samples from adult patients and analyzed the mutational landscape. We detected overlapping molecular profiles but also significant differences in the mutational pattern. Samples from pediatric patients show a higher frequency of mutations in ID3, DDX3X and BAF-complex components ARID1A and SMARCA4, while YY1AP1 and BCL2 are more frequently mutated in cases from adult BL patients. Correlation of the mutational profile with clinical data was available for the pediatric cohort and identified TP53 mutations to be highly significantly associated with the incidence of relapse thus identifying the first molecular marker to be associated with the incidence of relapse in ... (Show More)

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We performed deep targeted DNA sequencing with a panel of 134 selected cancer-related genes previously identified to be recurrently mutated in BL/B-AL. A Nextera rapid capture custom kit was designed using the Illumina DesignStudio. For every gene, all regions in which previous mutations had been described were covered. For 40 of these genes, the entire coding sequence was covered. Targeted deep sequencing was performed on a MiSeq-Sequencer using MiSeq Reagent Kit v2 (300 cycle) with 24 ... (Show More)
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SNP measurement. Illumina BeadArray SNP arrays for the study "Molecular characteristics in Burkitt lymphoma over age groups"
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