Analysis of T-cell receptor clonotypes in tumor micro-environment identifies shared cancer type-specific signatures

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Despite the conventional view that a truly random V(D)J recombination process should generate a highly diverse immune repertoire, emerging reports suggest that there is a certain bias towards the generation of shared/public immune receptor chains. These studies were performed in viral diseases where public T-cell receptors (TCR) appear to confer better protective responses. Selective pressures generating common TCR clonotypes are currently not well understood but it is believed that they confer a growth advantage. As very little is known about public TCR clonotypes in cancer, here we set out to determine the extent of shared TCR clonotypes in the intra-tumor microenvironments of virus- and non-virus- driven head and neck cancers using TCR sequencing. We report that tumor-infiltrating T-cell clonotypes were indeed shared across individuals with the same cancer type, where the majority of shared sequences were specific to the cancer type (ie viral versus non-viral). These shared clonotypes were not particularly enriched in EBV-associated nasopharynx cancer, but in both cancers, ... (Show More)

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This data contains the TCR-beta sequences of 10 head and neck squamous carcinomas and 19 nasopharyngeal carcinomas. The library preparation method is a customised targeted amplification of the VDJ regions and is sequenced on the Illumina Miseq.
Illumina MiSeq 29

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