RNA-seq following TBL1XR1 KD in human CD34+CD38- cord blood cells

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We performed RNA-seq on CD34+CD38- human cord blood (CB) cells transduced with sh_Control or sh_TBL1XR1 lentiviruses to identify differentially expressed genes. Sorted CD34+CD38- cells from 3 independent cord blood pools were transduced with lentiviruses containing BFP reporter gene. BFP+ cells were sorted 3 days post-transduction and RNA was harvested for library preparation and sequencing.

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In this study, we identified miR-130a as a regulator of HSC self-renewal and differentiation. To characterize gene expression changes following enforced expression of miR-130a OE, we performed RNA-seq in CD34+ cord blood (CB) cells transduced with control and miR-130a OE lentiviruses. To capture miRNA targets in an unbiased, transcriptome-wide manner, we perfomed enhanced CLIPseq procol in 2 replicates of CD34+ CB cells and Kasumi-1 cell line, which represent a model system for t(8;21) AML. We ... (Show More)
Illumina HiSeq 2500,NextSeq 500 36

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