T-cell reconstitution after reduced dose ATLG induction in kidney transplant recipients

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Pre-sensitized kidney transplant recipients have a higher risk for rejection following kidney transplantation and therefore receive a lymphodepletional induction therapy with anti human T-lymphocyte globulin (ATLG). The time course of lymphocyte reconstitution with regards to overall and donor-reactive T-cell receptor (TCR) specificity remains elusive. In this study we aimed to describe the TCR repertoire in a reduced dose ATLG regimen making it possible to evaluate shifts in the shape of the immune repertoire and to detect the reappearance of donor-reactive T-cells following reduced lymphodepletional induction therapy.

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We analyzed the T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoires from ten kidney transplant recipients. Five out of the ten kidney transplant recipients received ATLG while the other five recipients received basiliximab as induction therapy. TCR repertoires of CD4+ and CD8+ positive T-cells were assessed prior to transplantation and within the first month after transplantation as well as at three- and 12-months post-transplant. In addition, the pre-formed alloreactive TCR repertoire for each kidney ... (Show More)
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