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To address gaps in sequence data for some of the African populations being studied in H3Africa projects, additional sequencing has been carried out through various projects and the data are being made available. The first dataset includes a high coverage whole genome sequence dataset generated at the Baylor College of Medicine with samples provided by H3Africa PIs and collaborators, funded by the National Institutes of Health. The sequence data files are accompanied by minimal metadata, including country, ethnic group (where available) and sex.

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Joint called VCF for whole genome sequence data from 410 samples described in the paper: PMID:33116287. It includes 314 high coverage (average 30X) samples sequenced on the Illumina X-Ten, also available as individual datasets under the H3Africa Chip study (EGAS00001002976) and 112 medium coverage (average 10X) samples from the TrypanGen study (EGAS00001002602) sequenced on Illumina HiSeq 2500. Supplementary table 3 of the paper describes the geographic breakdown of the samples. 16 samples ... (Show More)

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