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RNA sequencing of CCO- and CCO+ human hepatocytes

RNAseq data from Passman et al 2023. Clonal CCO-deficient hepatocyte patches and nearby CCO-proficient hepatocytes were identified in morphologically normal human livers and sampled at varying distances along the PT-CV axis. Samples are named according to their location within the liver lobule, with "PT" denoting samples abutting the portal triad, "CV" denoting samples abutting the central hepatic vein, and "Mid" sampled acquired midway between these structures. Normal human liver is thought to be generally quiescent, however clonal hepatocyte expansions have been observed but neither their cellular source nor their expansion dynamics have been determined. Knowing the hepatocyte cell of origin, and their subsequent dynamics and trajectory within the human liver will provide an important basis to understand disease-associated dysregulation. Here we use in vivo lineage tracing and a combination of methylation sequence analysis to demonstrate normal human hepatocyte ancestry. We exploit next generation mitochondrial sequencing to determine hepatocyte clonal expansion dynamics across spatially-distinct areas of laser-capture microdissected clones, in tandem with computational modelling in morphologically-normal human liver.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001010033 NextSeq 500 114