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Submission account terms

Each EGA submission account has a dedicated submission box. To ensure continued service to all submitters EGA submission boxes should not exceed 8Tb in size, and cannot exceed 12Tb. Those that are near to or exceeding this value will be monitored on a weekly basis by the helpdesk team and the submitter will be contacted and guidance provided accordingly on completing their metadata registration. You will be able to register your metadata associated with the files in your submission account via EGA Submitter Portal, Webin or the EGA REST API.

EGA also requests that metadata is submitted within 60 days of upload data to a submission box. When we detect files that are over 60 days old in a submission box we will notify the submitter requesting that metadata be submitted or the files removed from the submission box.

It is important to note that data is not archived at the EGA until the metadata describing the files has been associated and the archival process has completed. It is only when associated metadata has been submitted that the archival process into EGA is fully triggered. EGA removes files from the submission box once they have been successfully archived, so no action is required by a submitter to remove successfully archived files.

Files over 90 days old will be deleted from the submission box unless EGA Helpdesk has been contacted and confirmed an exemption with the submitter.