Gencord Data Access Committee

Dac ID Contact Person Email Access Information
EGAC00001000105 Emmanouil Dermitzakis emmanouil [dot] dermitzakis [at] unige [dot] ch No additional information is available

This DAC controls 4 datasets:

Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00000000027 eQTL data for European newborns Ilumina HumanHap550-2v3_B-Beadstudio 176
EGAD00001000425 GENCORD2 RNA-seq BAM files using BWA Illumina Genome Analyzer II,Illumina HiSeq 2000 568
EGAD00001000428 204 individuals were genotyped with the Illumina 2.5M Omni chip. Filtered genotypes were imputed into the 1000 genomes project European panel SNPs. Beagle R2 is indicated in VCF files for further filtering. See Materials and Methods in publication for details. 204
EGAD00010000460 GENCORD2 DNA methylation 294