Somatic pathogenic variants in the normal mammary gland of sporadic breast cancer patients.

Dac ID Contact Person Email Access Information
EGAC00001002391 Arkadiusz Piotrowski arkadiusz [dot] piotrowski [at] gumed [dot] edu [dot] pl No additional information is available

This DAC controls 3 datasets:

Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001008327 This dataset contains .fastq files generated by targeted DNA sequencing of 542 cancer-associated and cadidate genes (52 individuals), and targeted duplex sequencing of PIK3CA and TP53 genes (4 individuals). HiSeq X Ten,NextSeq 550 156
EGAD00010002250 Genotyping array data for normal mammary gland control samples Illumina 50
EGAD00010002251 Genotyping array data for breast cancer and matched normal mammary gland samples Illumina 100