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NCI-H209 is an immortal cell line derived from a bone marrow metastasis of a patient with small cell lung cancer, taken before chemotherapy. The specimen showed histologically typical small cells with classic neuroendocrine features. NCI-BL209 is an EBV-transformed B-cell line derived from the same patient as the small cell lung cancer cell line, NCI-H209

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Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00000000051 Whole Genome Sequencing

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ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF50000029954 tar 28.5 GB
EGAF50000029955 tar 31.5 GB
EGAF50000029956 tar 31.6 GB
EGAF50000029957 tar 35.5 GB
EGAF50000029958 tar 37.3 GB
EGAF50000029959 tar 37.7 GB
EGAF50000029960 tar 38.2 GB
EGAF50000029961 tar 39.8 GB
EGAF50000029962 tar 43.2 GB
EGAF50000029963 tar 47.2 GB
EGAF50000029964 tar 53.3 GB
EGAF50000029965 tar 59.4 GB
EGAF50000029966 tar 62.2 GB
EGAF50000029967 5-kb-1_12_1.tar 70.8 GB
EGAF50000029968 tar 74.3 GB
EGAF50000029969 tar 76.0 GB
EGAF50000029970 tar 76.1 GB
EGAF50000029971 tar 77.6 GB
EGAF50000029972 tar 82.4 GB
EGAF50000029973 tar 91.2 GB
20 Files (1.1 TB)