Somatic mutations, clonal architecture and genomic evolution in multiple myeloma

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EGAD00001000339 Illumina Genome Analyzer II,Illumina HiSeq 2000 154

Dataset Description

Multiple myeloma is an incurable plasma cell malignancy whose molecular pathogenesis is incompletely understood. We used whole exome sequencing, copy number profiling and cytogenetic to analyses 84 samples from 67 patients with myeloma. In addition to known myeloma genes, we identify new candidate genes, including truncations of SP140, ROBO1 and FAT3 and clustered missense mutations in EGR1. We find oncogenic mutations in cancer genes not previously implicated in myeloma, including SF3B1, PI3KCA and PTEN. We define diverse processes contributing to the mutational repertoire, including kataegis and somatic hypermutation. Most cases have at least one cluster of subclonal variants, including subclonal driver mutations, implying on-going tumor evolution. Serial samples revealed diverse patterns of clonal evolution, including linear evolution, differential clonal response and branching evolution. Our findings reveal the myeloma genome to be heterogeneous across patients and, within individual patients, to exhibit diversity in clonal admixture and dynamics in response to therapy.

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