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Signatures of mismatch repair deficiency in cancer genomes

DNA replication errors occurring in mismatch repair (MMR) deficient cells persist as mismatch mutations and predispose to a range of tumors. Here, we sequenced the first whole-genomes from MMR-deficient endometrial tumors.

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Policy EGAS00001000182


Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001000182 Whole Genome Sequencing

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00000236495 bam 62.9 GB
EGAF00000236496 bam 88.7 GB
EGAF00000236497 bam 86.7 GB
EGAF00000236498 bam 89.5 GB
EGAF00000236499 bam 4.9 GB
EGAF00000236500 bam 4.4 GB
EGAF00000236501 bam 4.2 GB
EGAF00000236502 bam 4.7 GB
EGAF00000236503 bam 4.2 GB
EGAF00000236504 bam 4.6 GB
EGAF00000236505 bam 4.2 GB
EGAF00000236506 bam 4.2 GB
EGAF00000236507 bam 5.3 GB
EGAF00000236508 bam 4.8 GB
EGAF00000236509 bam 5.9 GB
EGAF00000236510 bam 5.9 GB
EGAF00000236511 bam 6.5 GB
EGAF00000236512 bam 5.1 GB
EGAF00000236513 bam 5.1 GB
EGAF00000236514 bam 4.9 GB
EGAF00000236515 bam 3.7 GB
EGAF00000236516 bam 4.6 GB
EGAF00000236517 bam 4.1 GB
EGAF00000236518 bam 7.4 GB
EGAF00000236519 bam 7.1 GB
EGAF00000236520 bam 7.9 GB
EGAF00000236521 bam 7.1 GB
EGAF00000236522 bam 7.1 GB
EGAF00000236523 bam 2.9 GB
EGAF00000236524 bam 5.7 GB
EGAF00000236525 bam 4.5 GB
EGAF00000236526 bam 3.9 GB
EGAF00000236527 bam 3.5 GB
EGAF00000236528 bam 4.0 GB
EGAF00000236529 bam 2.9 GB
EGAF00000236530 bam 3.0 GB
EGAF00000236531 bam 2.8 GB
EGAF00000236532 bam 4.9 GB
38 Files (493.5 GB)