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Whole Genome Sequencing of a secondary myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)

Illumina HiSeq sequence data (with >30x coverage) were aligned to the hg19 human reference genome assembly using BWA (Li and Durbin, 2009); duplicate reads were removed from the final BAM file. No realignment or recalibration was performed. Sample derived from secondary myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), arising after treatment for medulloblastoma in an 11-year old female Li-Fraumeni syndrome case (LFS-MB1; Rausch et al., 2012; matching WGS data available under EGAS00001000085).

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Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001000565 Other

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EGAF00000242524 bam 75.0 GB
1 File (75.0 GB)