Whole Genome Sequencing of clonal expansions of single healthy somatic cells (human, female)

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Dataset Description

HSC73_clone: Bone marrow mononuclear cells from the healthy 73 years old female were thawed and labeled with Alexa-Fluor 488-conjugated anti-CD34 (581, Biolegend), Alexa-Fluor 700-conjugated anti-CD38 (HIT2, eBioscience), a cocktail of APC-conjugated lineage antibodies consisting of anti-CD4 (RPA-T4), anti-CD8 (RPA-T8), anti-CD11b (ICRF44), anti-CD20 (2H7), anti-CD56 (B159, all BD Biosciences), anti-CD14 (61D3), anti-CD19 (HIB19) and anti-CD235a (HIR2, all eBiocience) and 1 micro-gram/ml propidium iodide (Sigma). Using a BD FACSAria cell sorter, single Lin-CD34+CD38-PI- cells were individually sorted into low-adhesion 96-well tissue culture plates (Corning) containing 100micro-litre of StemSpan Serum-Free Expansion Medium (Stemcell technologies) supplemented with 100ng/ml of human SCF and FLT-3L, 50ng/ml of human TPO, 20ng/ml of human IL-3, IL-6 and G-CSF (all cytokines from Peprotech) and 50U/ml of penicillin and 50μg/ml of streptomycin (Sigma). Cells were incubated at 37 degrees C in a humidified atmosphere with 5% CO2 in air. After 5 days in culture, another 100micro litres of cytokine-containing medium were added. 13 days after seeding, clones B6 and G2 had expanded to approx. 105 cells and were selected for whole genome sequencing (2x101bp, paired-end, Illumina HiSeq2500) after tagmentation-based library preparation (see Extended Experimental Procedures) for clone B6 and standard library preparation for clone G2. For germline-control ~106 unsorted bone marrow mononuclear cells from the same donor were used for sequencing. An average of 30-fold sequence coverage for each the clones and the matching control were obtained.L4clone: A progenitor cell clone was raised ... (Show More)

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