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Whole exome sequencing of melanomas from a Braf mutant mouse model UV radiation study

Whole exome sequencing of 41 melanomas and normal DNA from Braf mutant mice: 15 tumours from UV exposed mice, 15 tumours from non-exposed mice and 11 from UV exposed, sunscreen-protected mice.

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PICR Cancer Research UK Genomics Initiative Policy

To whom it may concern,This document refers to the data sets EGAS00001000472, EGAS00001000474 and EGAS00001000486 which have been submitted to the European Genome Archive (EGA) for the restricted access by legitimate academic institutions that have agreed to comply with the terms of a Data Access Agreement drafted by the Cancer Research UK Genomics Initiative.There are a number of steps that a researcher must take to obtain access to these data and the process is overseen by our Data Access Committee, called Molecular Oncology Group, PICR, headed by Richard Marais ( who is authorized to approve researchers to have encrypted access to the data submitted to the EGA.Please be advised that Simon Furney ( is authorized to upload data to the EGA for archiving and distribution as part of your submission process, which will enable approved researchers to have encrypted access to the data. We can confirm that this submission is consistent with the informed consent of the participants of the study or has been granted ethical approval and is in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.Yours sincerely, Richard Marais, PhD, FMedSciProfessor of Molecular OncologyDirector, The Paterson Institute for Cancer Research

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001000729 Other

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00000505149 bam 6.2 GB
EGAF00000505150 bam 8.5 GB
EGAF00000505151 bam 6.4 GB
EGAF00000505152 bam 8.4 GB
EGAF00000505153 bam 7.3 GB
EGAF00000505154 bam 7.9 GB
EGAF00000505155 bam 5.2 GB
EGAF00000505156 bam 7.9 GB
EGAF00000505157 bam 8.0 GB
EGAF00000505158 bam 6.4 GB
EGAF00000505159 bam 5.3 GB
EGAF00000505160 bam 6.8 GB
EGAF00000505161 bam 6.2 GB
EGAF00000505162 bam 8.9 GB
EGAF00000505163 bam 6.7 GB
EGAF00000505164 bam 6.2 GB
EGAF00000505165 bam 6.3 GB
EGAF00000505166 bam 5.4 GB
EGAF00000505167 bam 8.4 GB
EGAF00000505168 bam 9.3 GB
EGAF00000505169 bam 6.5 GB
EGAF00000505170 bam 6.4 GB
EGAF00000505171 bam 6.7 GB
EGAF00000505172 bam 8.9 GB
EGAF00000505173 bam 8.2 GB
EGAF00000505174 bam 6.0 GB
EGAF00000505175 bam 7.5 GB
EGAF00000505176 bam 6.2 GB
EGAF00000505177 bam 8.6 GB
EGAF00000505178 bam 6.1 GB
EGAF00000505179 bam 6.5 GB
EGAF00000505180 bam 7.1 GB
EGAF00000505181 bam 5.9 GB
EGAF00000505182 bam 6.2 GB
EGAF00000505185 bam 5.9 GB
EGAF00000505186 bam 7.6 GB
EGAF00000505187 bam 7.7 GB
EGAF00000505188 bam 8.0 GB
EGAF00000505189 bam 7.8 GB
EGAF00000505190 bam 6.1 GB
EGAF00000505191 bam 8.0 GB
EGAF00000505192 bam 6.0 GB
EGAF00000505193 bam 8.8 GB
EGAF00000505194 bam 7.8 GB
EGAF00000505195 bam 6.8 GB
EGAF00000505196 bam 6.3 GB
EGAF00000505197 bam 7.4 GB
EGAF00000505198 bam 10.5 GB
EGAF00000505199 bam 6.3 GB
EGAF00000505200 bam 5.4 GB
EGAF00000505201 bam 5.8 GB
EGAF00000505202 bam 7.5 GB
EGAF00000505203 bam 5.0 GB
EGAF00000505204 bam 7.1 GB
EGAF00000505205 bam 5.7 GB
EGAF00000505206 bam 11.2 GB
EGAF00000505207 bam 10.3 GB
EGAF00000505208 bam 6.6 GB
EGAF00000505209 bam 6.7 GB
EGAF00000505210 bam 4.9 GB
EGAF00000505211 bam 9.6 GB
EGAF00000505212 bam 9.4 GB
EGAF00000505213 bam 10.0 GB
EGAF00000505214 bam 6.2 GB
EGAF00000505215 bam 7.6 GB
EGAF00000505216 bam 6.1 GB
EGAF00000505217 bam 5.8 GB
EGAF00000505218 bam 6.2 GB
EGAF00000505219 bam 6.5 GB
EGAF00000505220 bam 5.7 GB
EGAF00000505221 bam 7.1 GB
EGAF00000505222 bam 6.3 GB
EGAF00000505223 bam 5.4 GB
EGAF00000505224 bam 5.1 GB
EGAF00000505225 bam 5.9 GB
EGAF00000505226 bam 7.8 GB
EGAF00000505227 bam 7.3 GB
EGAF00000505228 bam 5.2 GB
78 Files (548.9 GB)