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APCDR AGV Project: Low coverage (4x-8x) sequence data from 3 African populations (VCFs)

Low coverage (4x-8x) Illumina HiSeq curated sequence data from 3 African populations from the AGV project; 100 Baganda from Uganda (4x), 100 Zulu from South Africa (4x), and 120 Gumuz, Wolayta, Oromo, Somali and Amhara from Ethiopia (8x). Pre-processed, jointly called and filtered with GATK, refined with Beagle3, phased with SHAPEIT2.

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Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001000960 Other

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ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00000903995 vcf.gz 96.4 MB
EGAF00000903996 vcf.gz 96.0 MB
EGAF00000907845 vcf.gz 84.5 MB
EGAF00000907846 vcf.gz 44.5 MB
EGAF00000907847 vcf.gz 58.3 MB
EGAF00000907848 vcf.gz 44.5 MB
EGAF00000907849 vcf.gz 126.0 MB
EGAF00000907850 vcf.gz 27.2 MB
EGAF00000907851 vcf.gz 26.9 MB
EGAF00000907852 vcf.gz 139.0 MB
EGAF00000907853 vcf.gz 64.0 MB
EGAF00000907854 vcf.gz 110.1 MB
EGAF00000907855 vcf.gz 55.8 MB
EGAF00000907856 vcf.gz 151.1 MB
EGAF00000907857 vcf.gz 62.7 MB
EGAF00000907858 vcf.gz 54.0 MB
EGAF00000907859 vcf.gz 69.2 MB
EGAF00000907860 vcf.gz 92.1 MB
EGAF00000907861 vcf.gz 165.1 MB
EGAF00000907862 vcf.gz 138.4 MB
EGAF00000907863 vcf.gz 113.7 MB
EGAF00000907864 vcf.gz 123.1 MB
22 Files (1.9 GB)