Comprehensive cancer predisposition gene testing in an adult multiple primary tumor series shows a broad range of deleterious variants and atypical tumor phenotypes

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001004088 Illumina HiSeq 2000 453

Dataset Description

Multiple primary tumors (MPT) affect a substantial proportion of cancer survivors and may result from various causes including inherited predisposition. Currently, germline genetic testing of MPT cases for cancer predisposition gene (CPG) variants is mostly targeted by tumor type. We ascertained pre-assessed MPT cases from genetics centers (defined as ≥2 primaries by age 60 years or ≥3 by 70) and performed whole genome sequencing (WGS) on 460 individuals from 440 families. Despite previous negative genetic assessment/molecular investigations, pathogenic variants in moderate and high-risk CPGs were detected in 67/440 (15.2%) of probands. WGS detected variants that would not be (or were not) detected by targeted resequencing strategies including structural variants at low frequency (6/440 (1.4%) of probands). In most individuals with a germline variant assessed as pathogenic or likely pathogenic (P/LP), at least one of their tumor types was characteristic of variants in the relevant CPG. However, in 29 probands (42.2% of those with a P/LP variant) the tumor phenotype appeared ... (Show More)

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More details: EGAC00001000259


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