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Analysis of resistance to PLX4032 (2019-08-21)

We have collected material from a patient who had BrafV600E mutant melanoma that was treated with PLX4032. We have germline DNA from the patient and DNA and RNA from distinct lesions before and after treatment with PLX4032. We would like to exome sequence these samples to gain a snap shot of the mechanisms of resistance that are operative. . This dataset contains all the data available for this study on 2019-08-21.

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Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001000415 Other

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00000238561 bam 3.9 GB
EGAF00000238562 bam 6.1 GB
EGAF00000238563 bam 4.7 GB
EGAF00000238564 bam 3.7 GB
EGAF00000238565 bam 4.3 GB
EGAF00000238566 bam 3.2 GB
EGAF00000238567 bam 4.4 GB
EGAF00000239224 bam 4.7 GB
EGAF00000239225 bam 7.4 GB
EGAF00000239226 bam 5.6 GB
EGAF00000239227 bam 4.5 GB
EGAF00000239228 bam 5.2 GB
EGAF00000239229 bam 3.9 GB
EGAF00000239230 bam 5.3 GB
EGAF00000510390 cram 5.1 GB
EGAF00000510391 cram 5.1 GB
EGAF00000510392 cram 6.6 GB
EGAF00000510393 cram 2.5 GB
EGAF00000510394 cram 1.7 GB
EGAF00000510395 cram 1.7 GB
EGAF00000510396 cram 2.4 GB
EGAF00000510397 cram 1.9 GB
EGAF00000510398 cram 2.0 GB
EGAF00000510399 cram 2.9 GB
EGAF00000512185 cram 3.0 GB
EGAF00000512186 cram 2.1 GB
EGAF00000512187 cram 2.0 GB
EGAF00000512188 cram 2.9 GB
EGAF00000512189 cram 2.2 GB
EGAF00000512190 cram 2.4 GB
EGAF00000512191 cram 3.5 GB
EGAF00000563063 cram 3.2 GB
EGAF00000563064 cram 4.5 GB
EGAF00000563065 cram 3.5 GB
EGAF00000563066 cram 2.0 GB
EGAF00000563067 cram 4.9 GB
EGAF00000563068 cram 4.0 GB
EGAF00000563069 cram 2.2 GB
EGAF00000563070 cram 3.1 GB
EGAF00000563071 cram 4.2 GB
EGAF00000563072 cram 2.4 GB
EGAF00000563073 cram 3.4 GB
EGAF00000563074 cram 2.8 GB
EGAF00000563075 cram 3.9 GB
EGAF00000563076 cram 3.1 GB
EGAF00000563077 cram 1.8 GB
EGAF00000563078 cram 4.3 GB
EGAF00000563079 cram 3.5 GB
EGAF00000563080 cram 2.9 GB
EGAF00000563081 cram 4.0 GB
EGAF00000563082 cram 5.4 GB
EGAF00000563083 cram 3.1 GB
EGAF00000563084 cram 4.4 GB
EGAF00001385707 cram 1.6 GB
EGAF00001385708 cram 1.6 GB
EGAF00001385709 cram 1.8 GB
EGAF00001385710 cram 1.8 GB
EGAF00001385711 cram 2.9 GB
EGAF00001385712 cram 2.3 GB
EGAF00001385713 cram 1.7 GB
EGAF00001385714 cram 2.1 GB
EGAF00001385715 cram 2.3 GB
EGAF00001385716 cram 1.5 GB
EGAF00001385717 cram 3.0 GB
EGAF00001385718 cram 1.9 GB
EGAF00001385719 cram 2.3 GB
EGAF00001385720 cram 2.4 GB
67 Files (222.4 GB)