Pediatric Glioblastoma with Persistent STAG2 Mutation

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EGAD00001006202 N/A 3

Dataset Description

This case represented the genomic findings of a pediatric glioblastoma patient who underwent multiple surgical resections and treated with standard chemoradiation, as well as a novel recombinant poliovirus vaccine therapy. The results present the preservation of a STAG2 mutated clone, besides elimination and emergence of other clones with oncogenic mutations through disease progression under different treatment modalities. Although STAG2 deficiency comprises only a small subset of gliomas, this case adds clinical evidence to existing preclinical data supporting a role for STAG2 mutations in gliomagenesis and resistance to standard therapies.

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DAC for Pediatric GBM
Contact person: Zeynep Erson-Omay
Email: zeynep [dot] erson [at] yale [dot] edu
More details: EGAC00001001621


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