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hcWGS inform data of neuroblastoma patients

63 samples of individuals with ALT-positive neuroblastoma tumors, high coverage whole genome sequencing

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INFORM DAC: To get access to the data, send a request via mail to Additonally, the INFORM neuroblastoma coordinators have to be informed. This includes Frank Westermann (, Matthias Fischer ( and Angelika Eggert ( A commitment to data privacy protection form (available upon request) has to be filled in, signed and sent to the INFORM coordination office. Please send scan via email and send the original signed document by post to: INFORM Trial Office, KiTZ Clinical Trial Unit / Ruth Witt, Im Neuenheimer Feld 130/3, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

I undertake to use the sequencial data of patient IXX-XXX, obtained in the context of the INFORM register, exclusively for academic research purposes, like stated in the patient informed consent. The research activities comprise examinations of molecular, genetic, immunologic and other characteristics of the tumor disease, as well as the development of new therapeutic options or diagnostic methods where appropriate. I presented the research project „xxx“ to the heads of the GPOH study groups and/or National Coordinators concerned and to the INFORM Data Access Committee. Further, I received professional legal advice or a positive vote by the ethic committee, respectively. Before publication, the INFORM coordinators will be asked for their approval. The manuscript will be presented to them for review at least 4 weeks before submission. All applicable data protection laws are respected. Genetic data will be encoded and stored separately from clinical data. I ensure that these data at our institution are protected against access by any third parties. The data will not be passed on to unauthorized third parties. Equally, the codes necessary for re-identification will not be passed on to unauthorized third parties. No attempt is made to identify the respective patient via their genetic data. Future publications will not allow any conclusion regarding the person’s identity.

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001004349 Other

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00004170679 bam 139.6 GB
EGAF00004170680 bam 137.0 GB
EGAF00004170681 bam 136.6 GB
EGAF00004170682 bam 148.4 GB
EGAF00004170683 bam 144.2 GB
EGAF00004170684 bam 146.1 GB
EGAF00004170685 bam 146.1 GB
EGAF00004170686 bam 135.3 GB
EGAF00004170687 bam 147.3 GB
EGAF00004170688 bam 152.7 GB
EGAF00004170689 bam 138.6 GB
EGAF00004170690 bam 177.4 GB
EGAF00004170691 bam 176.7 GB
EGAF00004170692 bam 165.1 GB
EGAF00004170693 bam 147.7 GB
EGAF00004170694 bam 143.6 GB
EGAF00004170695 bam 146.1 GB
EGAF00004170696 bam 139.6 GB
EGAF00004170697 bam 153.0 GB
EGAF00004170698 bam 141.1 GB
EGAF00004170699 bam 144.1 GB
EGAF00004170700 bam 146.4 GB
EGAF00004170701 bam 147.7 GB
EGAF00004170702 bam 137.8 GB
EGAF00004170703 bam 142.0 GB
EGAF00004170704 bam 146.0 GB
EGAF00004170705 bam 151.3 GB
EGAF00004170706 bam 143.9 GB
EGAF00004170707 bam 150.5 GB
EGAF00004170708 bam 160.5 GB
EGAF00004170709 bam 140.5 GB
EGAF00004170710 bam 185.0 GB
EGAF00004170711 bam 148.8 GB
EGAF00004170712 bam 163.3 GB
EGAF00004170713 bam 159.3 GB
EGAF00004170714 bam 191.4 GB
EGAF00004170715 bam 184.0 GB
EGAF00004170716 bam 185.0 GB
EGAF00004170717 bam 167.0 GB
EGAF00004170718 bam 157.0 GB
EGAF00004170719 bam 159.0 GB
EGAF00004170720 bam 154.8 GB
EGAF00004170721 bam 150.0 GB
EGAF00004170722 bam 139.0 GB
EGAF00004170723 bam 139.6 GB
EGAF00004170724 bam 180.0 GB
EGAF00004170725 bam 164.2 GB
EGAF00004170726 bam 167.8 GB
EGAF00004170727 bam 154.2 GB
EGAF00004170728 bam 156.2 GB
EGAF00004170729 bam 140.4 GB
EGAF00004170730 bam 157.4 GB
EGAF00004170731 bam 145.3 GB
EGAF00004170732 bam 170.0 GB
EGAF00004170733 bam 164.1 GB
EGAF00004170734 bam 162.8 GB
EGAF00004170735 bam 169.8 GB
EGAF00004170736 bam 159.7 GB
EGAF00004170737 bam 182.8 GB
EGAF00004170738 bam 156.7 GB
EGAF00004170739 bam 153.6 GB
EGAF00004170740 bam 148.8 GB
EGAF00004170741 bam 191.0 GB
63 Files (9.8 TB)