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Single-cell RNA sequencing generated from 11 glioma patient samples

This dataset includes paired-end fastq files from 6 IDH-mutant, 5 IDH-wild-type glioma patient samples of unmatched initial and recurrent timepoints profiled using single-cell RNA sequencing.

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Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001005300 Other

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ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00005316080 fastq.gz 5.9 GB
EGAF00005316081 fastq.gz 22.1 GB
EGAF00005316082 fastq.gz 7.0 GB
EGAF00005316083 fastq.gz 24.2 GB
EGAF00005316084 fastq.gz 6.5 GB
EGAF00005316085 fastq.gz 24.0 GB
EGAF00005316086 fastq.gz 7.3 GB
EGAF00005316087 fastq.gz 27.5 GB
EGAF00005316088 fastq.gz 5.9 GB
EGAF00005316089 fastq.gz 13.9 GB
EGAF00005316090 fastq.gz 7.5 GB
EGAF00005316091 fastq.gz 17.7 GB
EGAF00005316092 fastq.gz 8.4 GB
EGAF00005316093 fastq.gz 20.2 GB
EGAF00005316094 fastq.gz 6.6 GB
EGAF00005316095 fastq.gz 15.6 GB
EGAF00005316096 fastq.gz 6.4 GB
EGAF00005316097 fastq.gz 14.8 GB
EGAF00005316098 fastq.gz 5.6 GB
EGAF00005316099 fastq.gz 12.9 GB
EGAF00005316100 fastq.gz 6.9 GB
EGAF00005316101 fastq.gz 25.9 GB
22 Files (292.6 GB)