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Single cell RNAseq dataset of paired normal and tumor human prostate biopsies

Single-cell RNAseq dataset of paired normal and tumor human prostate biopsies from n=10 participants. Fastq files corresponding to R1, R2 and I1 are uploaded and were generated from cellranger mkfastq. Data was sequenced on Illumina HiSeq 4000.

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Data access policy for DIAMOND Prostate scRNAseq data.

Access will be provided on requests that deem reasonable to the Data Access Committee. The raw data may be used to identify genes and other factors which may influence the onset of urological diseases. Data can only be used for research purposes only. Access to data may be terminated at any point as stipulated in the original consent as original donors are free to choose to withdraw from participation at any point, with or without giving reasons.

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001005787 Other
ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00005709121 fastq.gz 3.6 GB
EGAF00005709122 fastq.gz 14.2 GB
EGAF00005709123 fastq.gz 3.3 GB
EGAF00005709124 fastq.gz 12.5 GB
EGAF00005709125 fastq.gz 4.1 GB
EGAF00005709126 fastq.gz 14.9 GB
EGAF00005709127 fastq.gz 3.3 GB
EGAF00005709128 fastq.gz 12.3 GB
EGAF00005709129 fastq.gz 3.4 GB
EGAF00005709130 fastq.gz 12.5 GB
EGAF00005709131 fastq.gz 3.9 GB
EGAF00005709132 fastq.gz 14.6 GB
EGAF00005709133 fastq.gz 187.5 MB
EGAF00005709134 fastq.gz 219.6 MB
EGAF00005709135 fastq.gz 1.6 GB
EGAF00005709136 fastq.gz 5.9 GB
EGAF00005709137 fastq.gz 3.9 GB
EGAF00005709138 fastq.gz 14.7 GB
EGAF00005709139 fastq.gz 1.2 GB
EGAF00005709140 fastq.gz 1.9 GB
EGAF00005709141 fastq.gz 7.1 GB
EGAF00005709142 fastq.gz 3.6 GB
EGAF00005709143 fastq.gz 13.8 GB
EGAF00005709144 fastq.gz 1.1 GB
EGAF00005709145 fastq.gz 1.0 GB
EGAF00005709146 fastq.gz 1.6 GB
EGAF00005709147 fastq.gz 5.8 GB
EGAF00005709148 fastq.gz 3.2 GB
EGAF00005709149 fastq.gz 12.4 GB
EGAF00005709150 fastq.gz 609.5 MB
EGAF00005709151 fastq.gz 2.6 GB
EGAF00005709152 fastq.gz 10.1 GB
EGAF00005709153 fastq.gz 1.9 GB
EGAF00005709154 fastq.gz 6.9 GB
EGAF00005709155 fastq.gz 628.3 MB
EGAF00005709156 fastq.gz 3.5 GB
EGAF00005709157 fastq.gz 13.2 GB
EGAF00005709158 fastq.gz 613.1 MB
EGAF00005709159 fastq.gz 3.9 GB
EGAF00005709160 fastq.gz 14.8 GB
EGAF00005709161 fastq.gz 631.0 MB
EGAF00005709162 fastq.gz 3.6 GB
EGAF00005709163 fastq.gz 13.0 GB
EGAF00005709164 fastq.gz 614.9 MB
EGAF00005709165 fastq.gz 1.9 GB
EGAF00005709166 fastq.gz 7.0 GB
EGAF00005709167 fastq.gz 1.2 GB
EGAF00005709168 fastq.gz 1.0 GB
EGAF00005709169 fastq.gz 1.1 GB
EGAF00005709170 fastq.gz 1.9 GB
EGAF00005709171 fastq.gz 6.9 GB
EGAF00005709172 fastq.gz 1.2 GB
EGAF00005709173 fastq.gz 1.1 GB
EGAF00005709174 fastq.gz 1.1 GB
EGAF00005709175 fastq.gz 1.2 GB
EGAF00005709176 fastq.gz 3.4 GB
EGAF00005709177 fastq.gz 13.6 GB
EGAF00005709178 fastq.gz 808.2 MB
EGAF00005709179 fastq.gz 522.4 MB
EGAF00005709180 fastq.gz 520.0 MB
EGAF00005709181 fastq.gz 607.1 MB
EGAF00005709182 fastq.gz 582.9 MB
EGAF00005709183 fastq.gz 2.0 GB
EGAF00005709184 fastq.gz 650.3 MB
EGAF00005709185 fastq.gz 2.3 GB
EGAF00005709186 fastq.gz 1.9 GB
EGAF00005709187 fastq.gz 7.0 GB
EGAF00005709188 fastq.gz 1.1 GB
EGAF00005709189 fastq.gz 1.9 GB
EGAF00005709190 fastq.gz 7.1 GB
EGAF00005709191 fastq.gz 1.2 GB
EGAF00005709192 fastq.gz 1.0 GB
72 Files (330.3 GB)