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RNAseq Iron-Treated iPSC-derived Microglia

Iron accumulation in microglia has been observed in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders and is thought to contribute to disease progression through various mechanisms including neuroinflammation. To study the interaction between iron accumulation and inflammation, we treated human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived microglia (iPSC-MG) with an increasing concentration of iron, in combination with inflammatory stimuli such as interferon gamma and amyloid β, and performed RNA sequencing.

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Policy: RNAseq Iron-Treated iPSC-derived Microglia

Restricted access because the study concerns patient data which should not be traced back to the patients. We will require citation plus acknowledgement.

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001006112 Other

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ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00006131332 fastq.gz 122.1 MB
EGAF00006131333 fastq.gz 132.5 MB
EGAF00006131334 fastq.gz 144.4 MB
EGAF00006131335 fastq.gz 159.0 MB
EGAF00006131336 fastq.gz 117.1 MB
EGAF00006131337 fastq.gz 127.5 MB
EGAF00006131338 fastq.gz 111.9 MB
EGAF00006131339 fastq.gz 122.4 MB
EGAF00006131340 fastq.gz 79.7 MB
EGAF00006131341 fastq.gz 87.6 MB
EGAF00006131342 fastq.gz 85.0 MB
EGAF00006131343 fastq.gz 93.2 MB
EGAF00006131344 fastq.gz 66.7 MB
EGAF00006131345 fastq.gz 72.2 MB
EGAF00006131346 fastq.gz 66.9 MB
EGAF00006131347 fastq.gz 73.6 MB
EGAF00006131348 fastq.gz 36.1 MB
EGAF00006131349 fastq.gz 39.5 MB
EGAF00006131350 fastq.gz 69.7 MB
EGAF00006131351 fastq.gz 75.9 MB
EGAF00006131352 fastq.gz 121.9 MB
EGAF00006131353 fastq.gz 133.1 MB
EGAF00006131354 fastq.gz 100.8 MB
EGAF00006131355 fastq.gz 109.6 MB
EGAF00006131356 fastq.gz 128.1 MB
EGAF00006131357 fastq.gz 138.2 MB
EGAF00006131358 fastq.gz 122.2 MB
EGAF00006131359 fastq.gz 133.5 MB
EGAF00006131360 fastq.gz 137.9 MB
EGAF00006131361 fastq.gz 150.8 MB
EGAF00006131362 fastq.gz 80.2 MB
EGAF00006131363 fastq.gz 87.5 MB
EGAF00006131364 fastq.gz 53.8 MB
EGAF00006131365 fastq.gz 58.7 MB
EGAF00006131366 fastq.gz 69.8 MB
EGAF00006131367 fastq.gz 76.5 MB
EGAF00006131368 fastq.gz 88.7 MB
EGAF00006131369 fastq.gz 96.6 MB
EGAF00006131370 fastq.gz 108.3 MB
EGAF00006131371 fastq.gz 120.0 MB
EGAF00006131372 fastq.gz 53.0 MB
EGAF00006131373 fastq.gz 57.5 MB
EGAF00006131374 fastq.gz 66.7 MB
EGAF00006131375 fastq.gz 72.1 MB
EGAF00006131376 fastq.gz 62.8 MB
EGAF00006131377 fastq.gz 68.4 MB
EGAF00006131378 fastq.gz 94.4 MB
EGAF00006131379 fastq.gz 104.0 MB
48 Files (4.6 GB)