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Genome-wide mutation analysis of germinal-center B-cell derived lymphomas within the ICGC MMML-Seq Consortium

Germinal-center B-cell derived lymphomas (GCB-lymphomas) are the most common B-cell lymphomas in children and adults, with Burkitt Lymphomas (BL) predominating in childhood and follicular lymphoma (FL) and diffuse large B-cell lymphomas (DLBCL) predominating in older age groups. The cell-of-origin in all these lymphomas is supposed to be a germinal center B-cell and transformation of FL in DLBCL or intermediate DLBCL/BL (intL) can occur. In the framework of the German ICGC MMML-Seq we are currently exploring sequencing data of GCB-lymphomas and paired normal controls as well as normal B-cell subsets separated by FACS. This includes whole genome, transcriptome, miRNAome and whole methylome datasets.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001000278 Illumina HiSeq 2000 12
EGAD00001000279 Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx 4
EGAD00001000281 Illumina HiSeq 2000 6
EGAD00001000355 Illumina HiSeq 2000 46
EGAD00001000356 Illumina HiSeq 2000 23
EGAD00001000645 42
EGAD00001000648 31
EGAD00001000650 52
EGAD00001001619 43
EGAD00010000377 HumanMethylation450k Bead Chip - Genome Studio 6
EGAD00010000379 HumanMethylation450k Bead Chip - Genome Studio 2
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