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hcWGS data of neuroblastoma patients

238 samples from individuals with ALT-positive neuroblastoma tumors, high coverage whole genome sequencing

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Transfer of patient sequencing/omics data requires a data transfer agreement to ensure that the regulations of the data protection law are fulfilled.

“I undertake to use the sequencing data exclusively for academic research purposes, like stated in the patient informed consent. The research activities comprise examinations of molecular, genetic, immunologic and other characteristics of the tumor disease, as well as the development of new therapeutic options or diagnostic methods where appropriate. I received professional legal advice or a positive vote by the ethic committee, respectively. All applicable data protection laws are respected. Genetic data will be encoded and stored separately from clinical data. I ensure that these data at our institution are protected against access by any third parties. The data will not be passed on to unauthorized third parties. Equally, the codes necessary for re-identification will not be passed on to unauthorized third parties. No attempt is made to identify the respective patient via their genetic data. Future publications will not allow any conclusion regarding the person’s identity.”

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001004349 Other

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00003948567 bam 94.2 GB
EGAF00003948568 bam 103.0 GB
EGAF00003948569 bam 169.4 GB
EGAF00003948570 bam 156.1 GB
EGAF00003948571 bam 100.0 GB
EGAF00003948572 bam 138.8 GB
EGAF00003948573 bam 81.0 GB
EGAF00003948574 bam 84.3 GB
EGAF00003948575 bam 133.1 GB
EGAF00003948576 bam 231.1 GB
EGAF00003948577 bam 129.3 GB
EGAF00003948578 bam 138.4 GB
EGAF00003948579 bam 153.7 GB
EGAF00003948580 bam 114.1 GB
EGAF00003948581 bam 174.0 GB
EGAF00003948582 bam 79.8 GB
EGAF00003948583 bam 8.0 GB
EGAF00003948584 bam 81.7 GB
EGAF00003948585 bam 149.8 GB
EGAF00003948587 bam 103.1 GB
EGAF00003948588 bam 87.2 GB
EGAF00003948589 bam 78.6 GB
EGAF00003948590 bam 152.6 GB
EGAF00003948591 bam 86.9 GB
EGAF00003948592 bam 90.3 GB
EGAF00003948593 bam 162.8 GB
EGAF00003948594 bam 81.5 GB
EGAF00003948595 bam 181.8 GB
EGAF00003948596 bam 166.1 GB
EGAF00003948597 bam 95.8 GB
EGAF00003948598 bam 103.8 GB
EGAF00003948599 bam 88.5 GB
EGAF00003948600 bam 175.4 GB
EGAF00003948601 bam 88.4 GB
EGAF00003948602 bam 189.2 GB
EGAF00003948603 bam 98.6 GB
EGAF00003948604 bam 145.1 GB
EGAF00003948605 bam 163.1 GB
EGAF00003948606 bam 143.9 GB
EGAF00003948607 bam 196.2 GB
EGAF00003948608 bam 90.7 GB
EGAF00003948609 bam 81.3 GB
EGAF00003948610 bam 166.9 GB
EGAF00003948611 bam 91.4 GB
EGAF00003948612 bam 99.7 GB
EGAF00003948613 bam 84.7 GB
EGAF00003948614 bam 93.3 GB
EGAF00003948615 bam 83.6 GB
EGAF00003948616 bam 139.5 GB
EGAF00003948617 bam 195.3 GB
EGAF00003948618 bam 99.7 GB
EGAF00003948619 bam 97.3 GB
EGAF00003948620 bam 167.8 GB
EGAF00003948621 bam 81.8 GB
EGAF00003948622 bam 104.6 GB
EGAF00003948623 bam 167.1 GB
EGAF00003948624 bam 217.4 GB
EGAF00003948625 bam 121.2 GB
EGAF00003948626 bam 90.5 GB
EGAF00003948627 bam 228.3 GB
EGAF00003948628 bam 165.7 GB
EGAF00004185817 bam 170.8 GB
EGAF00004185818 bam 169.6 GB
EGAF00004185819 bam 139.0 GB
EGAF00004185820 bam 136.7 GB
EGAF00004185821 bam 146.4 GB
EGAF00004185822 bam 142.1 GB
EGAF00004185823 bam 151.5 GB
EGAF00004185824 bam 154.5 GB
EGAF00004185825 bam 146.8 GB
EGAF00004185826 bam 145.6 GB
EGAF00004185827 bam 136.1 GB
EGAF00004185828 bam 136.1 GB
EGAF00004185829 bam 169.9 GB
EGAF00004185830 bam 144.6 GB
EGAF00004185831 bam 164.1 GB
EGAF00004185832 bam 140.0 GB
EGAF00004185833 bam 171.4 GB
EGAF00004185834 bam 162.4 GB
EGAF00004185835 bam 152.0 GB
EGAF00004185836 bam 159.5 GB
EGAF00004185837 bam 142.8 GB
EGAF00004185838 bam 149.3 GB
EGAF00004185839 bam 135.6 GB
EGAF00004185840 bam 126.7 GB
EGAF00004185841 bam 155.9 GB
EGAF00004185842 bam 157.5 GB
EGAF00004185843 bam 142.2 GB
EGAF00004185844 bam 143.8 GB
EGAF00004185845 bam 145.0 GB
EGAF00004185846 bam 140.9 GB
EGAF00004185847 bam 152.2 GB
EGAF00004185848 bam 145.7 GB
EGAF00004185849 bam 134.2 GB
EGAF00004185850 bam 140.1 GB
EGAF00004185851 bam 150.1 GB
EGAF00004185852 bam 149.7 GB
EGAF00004185853 bam 140.5 GB
EGAF00004185854 bam 145.3 GB
EGAF00004185855 bam 156.7 GB
EGAF00004185856 bam 148.6 GB
EGAF00004185857 bam 142.2 GB
EGAF00004185858 bam 135.9 GB
EGAF00004185859 bam 143.0 GB
EGAF00004185860 bam 144.7 GB
EGAF00004185861 bam 128.1 GB
EGAF00004185862 bam 125.5 GB
EGAF00004185863 bam 145.6 GB
EGAF00004185864 bam 132.3 GB
EGAF00004185865 bam 132.5 GB
EGAF00004185866 bam 126.6 GB
EGAF00004185867 bam 143.1 GB
EGAF00004185868 bam 142.9 GB
EGAF00004185869 bam 132.2 GB
EGAF00004185870 bam 137.8 GB
EGAF00004185871 bam 140.8 GB
EGAF00004185872 bam 145.8 GB
EGAF00004671477 bam 121.4 GB
EGAF00004671478 bam 185.7 GB
EGAF00004671479 bam 137.1 GB
EGAF00004671480 bam 137.6 GB
EGAF00004671481 bam 144.3 GB
EGAF00004671482 bam 142.0 GB
EGAF00004671483 bam 144.8 GB
EGAF00004671484 bam 143.2 GB
EGAF00004671485 bam 146.2 GB
EGAF00004671486 bam 154.3 GB
EGAF00004671487 bam 171.7 GB
EGAF00004671488 bam 173.0 GB
EGAF00004675849 bam 142.1 GB
EGAF00004675850 bam 139.6 GB
EGAF00004675851 bam 165.8 GB
EGAF00004675852 bam 64.7 GB
EGAF00004675853 bam 147.7 GB
EGAF00004675854 bam 153.9 GB
EGAF00004675855 bam 131.7 GB
EGAF00004675856 bam 133.5 GB
EGAF00004675857 bam 134.6 GB
EGAF00004675858 bam 136.9 GB
EGAF00004675859 bam 144.4 GB
EGAF00004675860 bam 161.5 GB
EGAF00004675861 bam 150.5 GB
EGAF00004675862 bam 152.9 GB
EGAF00004675863 bam 138.6 GB
EGAF00004675864 bam 132.5 GB
EGAF00004675865 bam 135.1 GB
EGAF00004675868 bam 133.1 GB
EGAF00004675869 bam 131.1 GB
EGAF00004675870 bam 131.0 GB
EGAF00004675871 bam 149.1 GB
EGAF00004675872 bam 144.3 GB
EGAF00004675873 bam 139.6 GB
EGAF00004675874 bam 149.6 GB
EGAF00004675875 bam 144.6 GB
EGAF00004675876 bam 134.7 GB
EGAF00004675877 bam 80.0 GB
EGAF00004675878 bam 175.5 GB
EGAF00004675879 bam 148.1 GB
EGAF00004675880 bam 145.9 GB
EGAF00004675881 bam 139.1 GB
EGAF00004675882 bam 142.4 GB
EGAF00004675883 bam 143.9 GB
EGAF00004675884 bam 146.7 GB
EGAF00004675885 bam 114.0 GB
EGAF00004675886 bam 162.4 GB
EGAF00004675887 bam 140.3 GB
EGAF00004675888 bam 143.6 GB
EGAF00004675889 bam 93.5 GB
EGAF00004675890 bam 194.1 GB
EGAF00004675891 bam 139.3 GB
EGAF00004675892 bam 129.5 GB
EGAF00004694986 bam 167.9 GB
EGAF00004694987 bam 182.8 GB
EGAF00004694988 bam 144.2 GB
EGAF00004694989 bam 143.8 GB
EGAF00004694990 bam 138.4 GB
EGAF00004694991 bam 143.8 GB
EGAF00004694992 bam 146.8 GB
EGAF00004694993 bam 145.8 GB
EGAF00004694994 bam 144.8 GB
EGAF00004694995 bam 144.1 GB
EGAF00004694996 bam 140.1 GB
EGAF00004694997 bam 139.4 GB
EGAF00004694998 bam 143.8 GB
EGAF00004694999 bam 142.4 GB
EGAF00004695000 bam 138.4 GB
EGAF00004695001 bam 137.8 GB
EGAF00004695002 bam 129.6 GB
EGAF00004695003 bam 133.1 GB
EGAF00004695004 bam 100.2 GB
EGAF00004695005 bam 82.5 GB
EGAF00004695006 bam 181.1 GB
EGAF00004695007 bam 161.3 GB
EGAF00004695008 bam 85.5 GB
EGAF00004695009 bam 196.4 GB
EGAF00004695010 bam 139.8 GB
EGAF00004695011 bam 143.1 GB
EGAF00004695012 bam 136.1 GB
EGAF00004695013 bam 137.6 GB
EGAF00004695014 bam 162.4 GB
EGAF00004695015 bam 152.3 GB
EGAF00004695016 bam 158.4 GB
EGAF00004695017 bam 144.9 GB
EGAF00004695018 bam 156.1 GB
EGAF00004695019 bam 152.9 GB
EGAF00004725817 bam 139.3 GB
EGAF00004725818 bam 139.9 GB
EGAF00004725819 bam 136.7 GB
EGAF00004725820 bam 133.4 GB
EGAF00004725821 bam 79.0 GB
EGAF00004725822 bam 172.1 GB
EGAF00004725823 bam 97.6 GB
EGAF00004725824 bam 172.4 GB
EGAF00004725825 bam 163.2 GB
EGAF00004725826 bam 164.3 GB
EGAF00004725827 bam 83.8 GB
EGAF00004725828 bam 190.2 GB
EGAF00004725829 bam 94.3 GB
EGAF00004725830 bam 200.8 GB
EGAF00004725831 bam 112.7 GB
EGAF00004725832 bam 192.6 GB
EGAF00004725833 bam 132.6 GB
EGAF00004725834 bam 137.8 GB
EGAF00004725835 bam 86.0 GB
EGAF00004725836 bam 195.5 GB
EGAF00004725837 bam 78.5 GB
EGAF00004725838 bam 177.7 GB
EGAF00004725839 bam 98.6 GB
EGAF00004725840 bam 189.2 GB
EGAF00004725841 bam 147.0 GB
EGAF00004725842 bam 145.2 GB
EGAF00004725843 bam 166.9 GB
EGAF00004725844 bam 159.8 GB
EGAF00004725845 bam 157.4 GB
EGAF00004725846 bam 137.5 GB
EGAF00004725847 bam 140.9 GB
EGAF00004858569 bam 145.1 GB
EGAF00004858570 bam 151.5 GB
238 Files (33.1 TB)