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Whole Genome Sequencing Data of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

Longitudinal whole genome sequencing data to study chemoresponse in ovarian cancer. These samples belong to an ongoing sample collection and the data already includes hundreds of samples from over 200 patients. Samples are from primary and metastatic tissues and ascites. All patients have been treated with platinum-taxane based chemotherapy and majority of them are diagnosed with high-grade serous ovarian cancer.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001009738 unspecified 6
EGAD00001009791 HiSeq X Ten 20
EGAD00001009888 HiSeq X Ten 55
EGAD00001010019 HiSeq X Ten unspecified 58
EGAD00001010029 HiSeq X Ten 78
EGAD00001010066 HiSeq X Ten -
EGAD00001010202 HiSeq X Ten unspecified 90
EGAD00001010845 unspecified 77
EGAD00001011086 unspecified 59
EGAD00001011304 HiSeq X Ten unspecified 84
EGAD00001011353 unspecified 11
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